The Buckley Robotics Team has been competing for 14 years and counting, our rookie year being in 2005.


- Engineering

- Programming

- Graphic Design

- Teambuilding and Leadership

- Marketing, Business, Fundraising

- Mathematics



Building HOURS

Mon, Wed, Fri: 3pm - 7pm; Sat, Sun 10am-5pm

3900 Stansbury Ave,

Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Team Mentors and Contributors

Buckley Teachers


Mrs.Amos or Michelle Amos graduated from University if Melbourne with a degree in Science and more recently graduated with a Master of Education from Monash University. Prior to working at Buckley she lived and taught in Australia at Haileybury College. She joined The Buckley School in 2013 and has helped robotics for the last two years.


Doctor Gonzalez or Aidyl González-Serricchio graduated from Cal Tech in 2000 with a degree in Molecular Genetics and Developmental Biology. She is an expert in life. She has taught at Buckley for 5 years and been part of the robotics team for the whole time. She has also been part of First for over 2 decades.


Mrs.Harichi or Ladan Harichi graduated from West Coast University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. She is an expert in Engineering and architecture. She has taught at Buckley for 3 years and this is her first year as part of Buckley Robotics.

Other Helpers

K.P. Anderson

Paul Linden

Fred Serricchio

K.P. has helped the team immensely by providing food and support for all the members. His exceptional skill at the grill has given the team power multiple times to work hard and succeed.

Paul Linden has lent his expertise in many different fields as an engineer and has provided the team with many different materials that have helped us progress faster.

Fred Serricco has been the main advisor to the team because of his expertise in robotics and First as a whole. Are insight and suggestions have saved the team countless hours of work.