The Team

In 2005 the Buckley robotics team was created in hopes of creating a space where students could express their interest in engineering and programming. Our first competitions were full of learning experiences and a new understanding of the competition as a whole.


Students on the robotics team are in grades ranging from freshman to seniors. With the entrance of new students as freshmen, juniors and seniors take it upon themselves to pass down the knowledge they have learned through the years. This pattern teaches leadership and teambuilding for every student and the team will only improve as time goes on.


In recent years, team 1661 has succeeded more than ever before. The team placed in the top-3 in our regional competition and then ninth our of about seventy at the FRC World Robotics championship in addition to winning an industrial design award. This success has allowed us to get more funding from our generous sponsors.


The robotics teaches many other subjects other than engineering as well. With teams dedicated to funding, graphic design, outreach, etc. The students participating learn skills that can be used in college and in their future jobs. Skills such as leadership, group collaboration, and time management allow the team to grow together.



Building HOURS

Mon-Fri: 3pm - 7pm


The Buckley Robotics Team has been competing for 16 years and counting, our rookie year being in 2005.


- Engineering

- Programming

- Graphic Design

- Teambuilding and Leadership

- Marketing, Business, Fundraising

- Mathematics


3900 Stansbury Ave,

Sherman Oaks, CA 91423